About Us

EGGOS is the fastest growing online supplier of fresh eggs in the Nagpur. We supply best quality of eggs same day at lowest price. We offers only cash on delivery (COD) as a mode of payment.

More About EGGOS

Fresh eggs, quality eggs and free home delivery.

We started free home delivery of fresh eggs in 2017 at Nagpur. We deal direct with consumers so we cut the middle man to give you fresh and cheaper products. EGGOS supply eggs in trays of 12 with the minimum order of 24 (2dz) eggs. Deliverd fresh from the farm to your door free of charge. Commercial Bulk & Wholesale egg supplies are available, perfect for restaurants, hotels etc.

how we work

EGGOS receives your order on EGGOS mobile application and forward it to your nearest delivery point. Our delivery boy deliver your order as soon as possible to you.

what we do

EGGOS collect fresh eggs direct from farms and deliver it to your door step from our different delivery points.

why choose us

EGGOS supply best quality fresh eggs to you at lowest price with no extra courier charges. Order from your seat and enjoy the tasty eggos eggs

Our Features

EGGOS key feature is quality and your health. We value your time and hunger so we are always ready to give our best to maintain the quality and relation with coustomer. Never supply duplicate or chinies eggs.


Deliver fresh and best quality eggs to you direct from farm.

Fast & Free Delivery

EGGOS provide free deliver of your order as soon as possible.


Start receiving order even from 2 dozen for free home delivery.

Lowest Price

EGGOS brings best quality eggs to your door step at lowest price.

Why Eggs

In fact not just one, but there are countless number of reasons why you must eat eggs.

Eggs have a power packed mix of essential vitamins (B2, B12, A, E)

Eggs function to raise the Good Cholesterol levels (HDL’s).

Eggs reduce the bad cholesterol levels (reduce the risk of heart disease)

Lutein and Zeaxanthin play a role in improving eye health

Eggs have all the essential amino acids in right proportion

Eggs aide in weight loss by making you eat lesser calories

Recent studies have shown that eggs play a role in reducing the risks of cancer as well as they contain antioxidants

Eggs contain Choline. (Choline is a must for pregnant women as it is essential for brain development of the baby)

Our Stats

While delivering you eggs certain things we have to keep in mind such as the quality of eggs we supply, delivering time to meet your requirements.







Delivery (Hour)


How to Order

1. Download EGGOS mobile app from

2. Call on : 08975681947, 08847765793

Monthly Lucky Draw

EGGOS know what you want so there is chance to Buy and Win exiting prizes in monthly lucky draw scheme.

Buy & Win

How to participate in this scheme

Its a simple process. When you will purchase eggs from EGGOS we will give you a lucky draw Coupon one in every month. After the month we will short list the winners by lottery system. List of the winners will be displayed on our website.

Winners of this month

First 588890, 6899877, 896987979, 45654646, 57875878, 56765767
Second 3463565,56546546, 68987987,
Third 3213213, 3456, 5687867